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Hello, Hello... So here is where I will share with you (IF you want to be subjected to), thoughts, ideas, and other things that wander into my brain, that I think would be of interest...

...By the way, the picture to the left is one I did; it's called 'Three Lands'

  • Writer's pictureDan Harrison King

Driving to my parents this afternoon, and I saw some news on one of those bus stop tele-displays.

"Well done to Bradley Sinden, who won silver at the Olympics in taekwondo. Made possible by The National Lottery."

... It read, or something along those lines. It was news I hadn't heard, nor sought to find, but it still got to me. I could've looked on a news website and seen it of course, or I could've got a notification on my phone. In days of old, the news would've had to of been deemed worthy to print, then go to so, to be in an edition in the morning or evening.

Also a few hours prior, I was reading a article about memes that predated the Internet. The 'cool 5', the 'jingle bells, batman smells' song, that rumour about Marilyn Manson... Before the instant sharing and global connectivity features of the Internet, these memes hung around and were passed down, albeit with some changes in every generation. Now, a meme would be lucky to survive a week, in this fast passed world.

Are we all heading for (either consciously or not) a world where everything is here and now? A singularity. Did we come from a singularity, and are destined to return to one?

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  • Writer's pictureDan Harrison King

What I intend to write on this blog are ideas and ‘theories’ I have, in relation to how I think and understand the world works. Even taking into account my limited scientific knowledge, what I will propose (I hope) won’t be too fanciful, nor stray into the realm of impossibility (If I can help it). What I will write about will be more thought-provoking than actual postulations for scientific theories, or how the world SHOULD work. I’ll update you as I go along though. And also… bare with me; I’m new to this…

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...By the way, the picture to the right is from my film; it's called 'The River Ammeajowo'

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