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Humans have created true dreaming AI. Here's why.

I was listening to AI generated music, created by Broccaloo on YouTube. Specifically, this:

Many people commented on the video, suggesting that the music that had been generated was similar to music we hear in our dreams. Thinking of a quote which I can't atribute to at the moment (We are always dreaming), I had some thoughts. I shared my thoughts in the video, and I'm going to share them here too:

"Were always dreaming. When were awake, our brain is always thinking, and creating images in the background. When we sleep, we turn off our conciousness, and thats when we 'dream'. We get to witness what thoughts and images our brains are creating all the time.

This music sounds like 'music your hear in dreams', and people have been saying so. Is it safe to say we have created true unhinged AI, like a brain on autopilot?

What we haven't created yet as humans is concious, 'Turin Test' passing AI. This is the first step though; just a soup of thoughts and ideas like how our own minds act on autopilot... in the background all the time. I think its safe to say we have created a true dream generator. With this creation however, we can catalogue and record.

Our dreams arise from information input, and is generally a cataloging and sorting of what we've received (most of the time, recently) Are our dreaming, idling minds really any different to this? An AI neuralnet that receives information, catalogues, and gives a product of its own creation?"

Just some thoughts...

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